A new song idea thats hopefully going to be used by Sapper.  Originally called “Polygamist” with the intent of expressing my outsiders view of the Fundamentalist Mormons way of life.  I changed it’s direction early on after realizing how hard it was to state a differing opinion without it sounding  rant like and bluntly offensive.   So, I re-wrote the lyrics and shifted the focus to extreme religion in general.  Actually did a lot of reading about various cults/sects and their leaders and beliefs.. Actually pretty engrossing reading, in a fucked up kind of way…     anyway…

Only one guitar track as I’m the only guitarist in the band now, so I didnt layer anything we cant do live..   A few clicks and pops in the recording that need fixing, and the bridge vocals sound a bit weird – so I might redo those at some point..  But overall I think it’s pretty spiffy for a reference track..



One of our new ones thats almost complete.  Our second “hybrid reference” tune.   Hybrid being:  song parts written and recorded by Brad,  arranged over skype with Dave, and drums added by Mr Jones as directed.   A very quick fresh written lyric vocal layover with Mike and a couple of Brad harmonies.   Rough around the edges as this is what we use to learn the song.  Only jammed on it a few times as a band but its getting there..   Planning to play it at our next gig (a week away).  Changes? Recommendations?

Its taken some time..  but we’ve kept ol Sapper kicking..   we were forced too abandon almost all our old material, find a new singer,  2nd guitarist and bass player………  then,  jam for a few months to get an idea of how we sound with everyone’s input..  then write a bunch of songs as a band that we actually all kinda like..  haha..         you get the idea…  starting over sucks..  but we’re finally ready to play shows again…  thank fucking christ… Heres us live in the jam room with overdubbed vox – mostly completed but a few sections were we are lost..  as per usual..  some old some new..  11 songs written so far..

The old one I never quite finished – but the DJ-TH cover resurrected..  with the lead git into the swell/fade outro vox..        I’m happy to call this one cooked..

And our simple pub rock favorite .. done all lazy like….

So this is a track that has been lingering for a little while, it was done a little while ago, it’s incomplete and that why its here in RAWCUTS. This started out life as and Dave J and Nate (DATE) track and there was a hint of someone playing bass on this too but yet to come to fruition. There are many things that need attention in this track, like the intro is less than par, maybe the verse drums are too hard hitting, the bridge is cool but maybe to different and the end maybe too long. Nate’s vox are stellar as usual, the understated style is awesome here but, more vox are needed to make it come to life. I thought this would would be a good stage to throw this on for some feedback, i know Nate and myself are keen on this track and will finish it, but just need the motivation….

All comments welcome, here we go:

Hey all, this is an oldie by comparison to a bunch of new stuff we have done (yet to be uploaded), but still, this is unfinished, surprise surprise with me (DJ). I figured it would be cool to upload to see if its worth pursuing, i really like the feel of it, Nate did a stellar job on the vox, listening back i cant remember how much more i wanted to do to this, but anyhow any feedback you guys have is always appreciated…